Thursday, February 12, 2009

Through the Transkei

Up early again, cos everyone's itching to get through the Transkei. When the bikes start revving, you know you'd better hurry, or you could be left behind. Well not really, but you do risk being crowned Mug of the ride.

Talking of Mug of the ride, Danny and I got the first Nomination,firstly because I lost some money along the road as a result of not zipping up a pocket. Then later our one bag started coming loose, and we had to stop to tie it up.

Yesterday Matt deposed us as a result of disrupting the ride when the guys saw the state of his front tyre. We had to find a bike shop in East London. Thanks to some assistance fom Glen's friend in the city, this was a painless exercise.

Back to today's events. what can I say, but wind, cold, winding roads, and lots of trucks, goats and cattle on a narrow road. Being the first time on the Transkei roads in a good number of years, it was a pleasant surprise to see the improvement. Apart from a small section of roadworks which delayed a few riders by about 30 min, the roads were very good, and we arrived in Kokstad at about 3 in the afternoon.

It wasn't long before we arrived in at The Planes, to be greeted by Wendy. Seeing the rooms, we thought we'd arrived in paradise. Beautiful, comfortable and clean. Then came dinner - Ministrone soup, followed by roast beef and vegetables, with lemon cheesecake for pud. What more could a weary traveller ask for?


cyk said...

Been a while since this post. Looking forward to the rest of the story. Got any photo's to post?

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