Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Rain, rain, go away.

Aaahh! Grahamstown Wimpy at last, and an opportunity to warm up a little! Never thought I'd be happy to see another Wimpy! not that there's anything wrong with Wimpy - on the contrary, they're always clean, and you're guaranteed a quality meal. It's just that we like variety.

Well, if we can't have variety in breakfast, the weather gave it to us! It rained all the way from P.E. so we all had the opporrtunity to try out the rainsuits. We also discovered that a leather jacket can hold what feels like tons of water, as can shoes and socks.

Grahamstown was the breakfast destination and the opportunity to warm up for a few minutes, before tackling another few hundred km's of rain and wind.

A long stop outside King Williams Town to secure Louis' back numberplate while the guys located a front tyre for Matt's bike. Then onward to East London, through more rain.

Niki Nana was the nicest backpacker's lodge we've stayed in so far. Clean rooms, clean bathrooms, clean kitchen, lovely entertainment area. what more could one ask for.

Now to relax and just enjoy thew company of the group over a braai and beers.

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