Friday, February 6, 2009


Diggs for teh weekend is the Seagull lodge in Greenpoint, Cape Town.  Guess this, on the back of the bathroom door, is what is meant by "leave only your footprints"!
After leaving our meagre luggage in the rooms, offloading began. After two days on the truck, each bike was carefully guided down the ramp. Man and machine reunited
The stress now gone, the holiday could begin.

We're on our way.

Thanks to Monica from PTS for arranging the flights. all we needed was a reference no and id book to check-in and the journey has started.

The Start

A few months ago Vic from RBS in Pinetown had a wonderful idea.  To organise a bike ride from Cape Town to Durban, cruiser style.
So there were a few practice runs, to see how it would all work out.  On this particular trip we went there and back just to see how far it was, with, of course, the compulsory butt stop! 
The journey of 1600kms, started last weekend, when the bikes were bubble wrapped and then loaded onto the truck to be taken down to Cape Town.  Phase two starts tomorrow, when the riders will fly to meet the bikes.  10 Bikes 11 riders.  Yep, the 11th is yours truly.  I get to ride on the back and take the pics.

Armed with my new Nokia E90, sim card and a camera, I hope to keep you posted along the way.
Enjoy the journey.  I certainly plan to.