Sunday, June 1, 2008

BridgLee at Wartburg.

The weather report suggested bad weather for Sunday, so we prepared for a day at home. However when we awoke it was clear he rain was some time away, and a few call later it was all arranged.

After two weeks without a ride, even the short notice was would not stand in my way, and I was showered and ready by the time Danny arrived.

Even though there were plenty of clouds around we met at Heritage Market in Hillcrest before making our way inland towards Pietermaritzburg.

We were all enjoying the ride so much we missed the turnoff. Fortunately one member of our group is awake, and he quickly moved to the front, so he could show us the way.

From Maritzburg, you need to take the Greytown road to Wartburg. This takes you along a lovely country road inbetween the farms. I've become so comfortable on the back of the bike, I'm now able to take photos as we ride.

In Wartburg, we found a cozy little coffee shop named BridgLee, where we stopped for breakfast.

We were all so impressed because even the carpark was pretty.

Such attention to detail is unusual, is a really pleasant surprise.

While the pretty and clean pleased the guys as well, it was the huge coffee cups which really impressed them.

But wait there's more. I really enjoy plain simple food, so was so pleased with the well prepared simple meal of egg, chips, tomato, bacon, mushrooms, toast, butter and marmalade.

And this was the small breakfast!

If you need a beautiful gift to spoil that special girl in your life, go no further than their gift shop. Just looking at their merchandise makes you feel good.

After a very pleasant and relaxing breakfast, we reluctantly, well not so reluctantly because we're always happy to be on the bikes, made our way back.

After a short stop at the One Stop, we said our goodbyes and completed the journey home.

Thanks again to the Howard, Griff, Bridget and Danny for another glorious ride.

What bike do you ride? I'd love to hear from you.

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