Sunday, April 6, 2008

Balito Bay.

After a 2 week break we were suffering withdrawl, so despite the "not sunny" forecast, we decide to go anyway. The few spots of rain we felt along the way were not enough to dampen the joy of the ride.

Today our destination was the Wimpy at Balito Bay. To tell the truth, the whole journey is the desination. Just being on the bike, out in the country is the whole purpose.

The breakfast is just the point at which we turn around and come back, else we could easily find ourselves in Cairo, with no inclination to return.

After a short stretch on the N2 north, it was onto the country road for us. It wasn't long before we passed the turnoff to Hazelmere Dam, and this beautiful old railway bridge over the Tongati River.

Since the toll road opened between Durban and Empagneni, there's no longer a reason to go through these interesting little Kwa-Zulu Natal towns. Our Sunday journeys however, give us the opportunity to re-explore some of our history.

The town of Tongaat is in the heart of the sugarcane growing area, and although it comprises mostly people of Indian descent, still has a colonial look.

Its not a large town, with most of the business activity happening on this one main street through the center.

After what felt like a very short trip through the green hills of sugarcane interspersed with a few trees, we soon reached Balito shopping center.

In the recent past, Balito Bay has become a very popular holiday destination. Not so long ago it was out "in the sticks" and one only went there if you really wanted to get away from the city.

What is it with cities, that they can't just stay where they are? Perhaps they get lonely when the people leave for a while, and they just have to follow. Well, the city has cetainly followed the people to Balito.

After a very pleasant breakfast at the Wimpy, with interesting conversation and much laughter, we reluctantly headed back.

Oh well, there is always another Sunday to look forward to at the end of this week.