Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Up Run.

The weather forcast for today was 30% chance of rain. In our language this loosly translates to mean a very cold, wet, windy and therfore miserable ride.

Having so many beautiful sunny warm days to choose from, we felt no pressure to bring out the brave faces. We'd rather save those for a time when we actually needed, we called off the ride.

However, being addicted to the open road, and beautiful scenery, as soon as the blue sky peeped out we followed the lead, and ventured out.

Well, our original assessment was spot on with some points - it was certainly cold and windy. However it was way off on the others. There was no rain and visibility was magnificent resulting in a short but invigorating ride.

A short time of winding through the residential area of Kloof, past Gillits then through the Hillcrest shopping center and we were soon rewarded with this clear view of Inanda Dam.

We were however saddened to see that Heidi's farm stall was closed, and up for sale.

In its early days, Heidi's Farm Stall was a small wooden stall alongside the R103, where one could buy the most delicious fresh fruit and vegetables.

Unfortunately along the way, and in the name of progress, it seemed to be stocked with the same fare as the local supermarket, and therefor no longer worth the trip. Maybe the new owners will see the value and take it back to basics.

As you near the comrades Wall of Honor in Drummond - the halfway point for the legedary Comrades Marathon, you're greeted with this scene, and today we could see forever.

No wonder this run is so addictive!! If my legs would co-operate with my mind, I'd run the comrades just for the scenery ;-)

We took a few minutes to just savour this scene, enjoy the freedom and bracing cool air. Not much wind in this spot, so at least we were spared that!

Stiching the pieces together, this gives an indication of view from the road.

Well it seems we weren't the only ones to enjoy this quite road this morning.

A lone cyclist enjoys the fresh morning air, and quiet road. The challengin hills in this area are excellent training for almost any race. And there are a thousand of them. Well somebody must have counted! This area is known as the Valley of a Thousand Hills.

I must also just mention that is lady is very sensible. How do I know, since I have no idea who she is? Well she was closely followed by a support vehicle. It would be really silly for her to ride through here on her own.

The quite lonely road makes anyone an easy target for those who have nothing better to do, and a bicycle is not fast enough to escape.

After travelling a little further up the road we experienced the wind and noticed the 30% clouds starting to close in, so made our way back home.

Though it was short it will just have to satisfy until the next one.