Sunday, March 9, 2008

The scenic route to Winklespruit.

Today is our forth run together. We've arranged to meet at the Mugg and Bean in Hillcrest.

However, our first stop was a garage along the way, to pick up some water for the journey. Being early March, it's a beautiful clear hot day, and water is essential for the journey.

Wherever we go, these beautiful shiny bikes attract admiring glances.

Motorists always seem to be so polite - they are quite willing to wait, and let us go first.

If the truth be known, they just want to have the opportunity to have a good look at the bike.

Today we were going to Winkelspruit, which is normally about a 20 minute drive south of Durban.

We however took the scenic route, and headed in the opposite direction.

Using Old Main Road from Hillcrest, we followed the Comrades route east, though Drummond, Inchanga, Harrison Flats, Camperdown, before turning south. This is where the countryside changed from pretty to really beautiful.

Imagine green hills all the way to the horizon, the occasional lake, the most gloriously blue sky and a few puffy white clouds to complete the picture.

The path of the rivers is is clear from the bush which marks the way through the cultivated fields of sugar cane.

Before you even see them, you smell the cows grazing in the field. There is no mistaking that scent.

A group of bikers go past in the opposite direction. Some wave, some dont. We wave back. This is common practice amongst bikers on their various breakfast runs.

After a good breakfast, and good company, the return journey was along the N2, then the Queensburgh turnoff and back up to Pinetown, before we part company for the last few kms to our seperate homes.