Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Outdshoorn to Port Elizabeth

Oasis Shanti in Oudtshoorn was our home for the night. Dinner was braaied ostrich steaks, boerewors and rolls. Ditto for breakfast, since we've had about as many Wimpy meals as we can handle for now, and it seems to be the favorite eating house of the group.

Today's weather provided us with a very interesting day, including Vic stripping twice. Once to put on his waterpeoof gear, and the other to take it off.

Not far out of Outshoorn is the Outeniqua mountains. A beautiful range. We had already started down the pass when the rain caught us, and everyone slowed down to a sensible pace, giving us a chance to gain a little ground.

Breakfast was at a Wimpy in George. Even though they questioned the locals, I don't think anyone in the group found out after whom the town is named.

The weather wasn't going to catch us again! After checking with a group of army bikers who'd come in from the direction we were heading, we all suited up, and it was off to Knysna.

A few minutes at the harbor for an ice cream, then we were back on the bikes, and on the way to Plettenburg bay. It was around this time that I finally realsed this trip is about being on the bike on the road, and not about seeing the sites along the way. So I relaxed and started enjoying the speed.

Jeffreys Bay was the next town we wizzed past. Actually no, we wizzed in, didn't find what we were looking for, then wizzed out again. Still no idea what it is we were even looking for in there.

Off we went again and it wasn't too long before we reached King Beach Backpackers lodge in Port Elizabeth, our home for the evening. Here our group of 10 will share 2 dorm rooms. I hope we get some sleep tonight. There are rumours that some of our roommates snore!

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