Monday, February 9, 2009

First stop Paarl!

Leaving Cape Town was a lengthy affair. Once Ferdie and Charlotte had completed their inspection, and returned our deposit, we regrouped at the nearby garage. it was coffee for some, and chocolate for others.
Then came The News. The slowest rider was to lead the pack,so we had a good chance of riding together for the day. No prizes for guessing who'd be doing the navigating out of the Mother City. Fortunately Danny and I'd had a practice run yesterday, so I could find my way to the N1 heading to Paarl. Imagine how popular I'd have been if I'd taken 9 burly bikers on my usual scenic route through the morning traffic!

Apart from all the stop-start, it was a smooth ride all the way to the first butt-stop in Paarl, where a trucker took our photo on his cell phone as he was taking the corner. Clearly he does this often, cos he did it so well.
As with many of the towns we were to pass through during the day, Paarl is surrounded by beautiful mountains. The sun streaming through the clouds lifted the spirits even higher.
The Wimpy in central Worchester was the breakfast stop. The police were not amused at us parking on the pavements, but after a little shuffling and much interest from the locals, everyone found a spot so relaxed for a short while.
Posting pics from my cellphone is proving difficult, so that'll have to wait for a while. You'll have to be satisfied with only words until my first opportunity to add the pics.

PS: Managed to do a few pics.

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