Sunday, June 8, 2008

It didn't happen.

Today the ride didn't happen. Unless you consider riding to the meeting point, then back home again, to be a ride. Ok, so technically it was a ride, but since there was no breakfast involved, it wasn't a breakfast run.
Oh well, here's the sad story anyway.

It was a cold and miserable morning when anyone with even half a brain cell would remain inside. The clouds were dark and heavy, but, we hadn't been on the bikes for a week, and besides, it wasn't raining - yet.

So the calls went out, and we geared up, braved the wind, and met at the coffee shop near the Everfresh parking lot at Heritage Market in Hillcrest.So far so good. A cold day, so hot chocolate was necessary, while we decided which route was the best for the day.

Inland was not a good idea, because the cops were patrolling at our intended destination, and we have better things that to sit on the side of the road, chatting to the workers.

Up the coast would mean taking the same route as a cycle run, and you really can't compete with those guys with the pedals.Being a coastal town, we only have the option of 3 possible routes - so that left down the coast. Although no-one seemed keen on that direction, 'cos the weather was was hiding just south of the bluff, we all bravely agreed to ride down to Pinetown and re-assess the situtation.

Well, the three drops of rain on the newly washed cycles made the decision for us. We only stopped long enough for Griff's cigarette, and my photos, before we went our seperate ways and headed home.

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PowderLover said...

Hopefully the next ride will bring blue skies!