Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Quarry at Hilton

Since today's weather was moving up along the coast, the obvious option for our group, was to head west, i.e. inland.

So we decided on the N3, the main road between Durban and Johannesburg. Of course, we weren't going as far as Jo'burg - well, not today anyway, and certainly not for breakfast!

First stop, and meeting point was outside the Mugg & Bean in Hillcrest. The bikes, all washed and shiny, as eager as we were, to get out onto the open road once again.

Then it was up the main freeway all the way up past Pietermaritzburg, and through to Hilton. There were no butt stops on this run. There was no need, because it's so much quicker along the main road.

Hilton is so pretty, with lovely "country" houses and plenty of trees. On a clear day, if you look towards Durban, the view is spetacular. Unfortunately, today was not one of those, so we went directly to Bustles Cafe for breakfast.

The menu provided for the typical set meals of bacon, sausage, eggs, toast, tomato, or you could "do it yourself". As far as I'm concerned this "do it yourself" option makes a whole lot of sense.

Such a simple concept - where you select the items you want to create a breakast which suits you.

I prefer to keep it simple, so today my breakfast was two poached eggs with chips, and a lovely cup of coffee with cream.

While the coffee was brewing and the breakfast being prepared, we could enjoy the view across the now disused qarry.

Then it was back on the bikes, another trip through the beautiful country lanes and down through Pietermaritzburg, the start of the down run Comrades Marathon, then on to the N2 for the last leg of the journey back to Hillcrest.

And so another, most ejoyable bike run, is over for the week.

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